A near death experience

Village Ambulance improving maternal health
November 24, 2014
Parliament of Uganda
January 21, 2015

A near death experience


Story contribution: Kristen Gunther- Fanfant, Samaritan’s Purse Uganda

Veronica is 35 years old from the community of Kautakou up in Napak District – Karamoja.  Veronica used the Village Ambulance to reach the nearby health center when she had a miscarriage and was in critical condition.

She called the Village Ambulance driver who was able to pick her up at home with the help of their parish chief and transport her to the health center. When Veronica arrived at the health center, she was still bleeding and became unconscious. She was then transported to the Matany Hospital, where she spent a week receiving more intensive care.

Today, Veronica reflects, “If it were not for the Village Ambulance in my community, I could be dead right now”. Veronica thanks the project for providing the ambulance because it saved her life that night. She continued, “Women should know that they can use the Village Ambulances at any time, even for transporting and protecting the lives of their children. I encourage other community members, especially pregnant mothers, to use the Village Ambulances to get to the health center and receive care”.


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