Core Values


EXCELLENCE: We strive to exceed in everything we do. From the quality and reliability of our products and customer service, to the accuracy and strength of our programs and procedures. We see every challenge as an opportunity to excel.

SUSTAINABILITY: We design our products to work within systems and processes, so that they are used frequently and endure the long-term use and need in rural areas. Sustainability is key to our products success.

INTEGRITY: We aspire to always be honest and transparent with each other and also our partners, ensuring that we put the interests of the company and its mission before our own.

INNOVATION: We design every product as an innovative solution to meet the needs of the materially poor. Innovation, to us, means continually improving and evolving our products to promise competitive advantage and ensure our brand is associated with quality.

RESPECT: We respect and value the importance of everyone on our team’s unique role and responsibilities. Outside our office, we carry the same standard toward every customer, partner organization, and community member, treating everyone with equal dignity and respect.

TEAMWORK: We believe it is the duty of everyone to work together as a unified team, putting the wellbeing of the collective before the interests of the individuals.

FUN: Work hard, play hard. We celebrate each other’s achievements and aim to create a fun job atmosphere for people who truly love what they do. After all, what good is doing good work if you don’t have fun while doing it?