Key Features

Key performance features

The Village Ambulance has maximum stability with weight balancing and the lowest center of gravity, especially compared to current three-wheeled designs that have two rear wheels and a tendency to tip over. The Village Ambulance’s narrow wheel span allows travel even through small village paths. The 12-inches of clearance coupled with the short length wheelbase makes the Village Ambulance world class.


The tough and user friendly design of the Pulse Village Ambulance has been tried and tested in the field. It requires little to no maintenance and spare parts are available locally, which means proper usage and preventative maintenance of the Pulse Village Ambulance will keep it in good working condition.


The Village Ambulance is made with a durable yet lightweight steel- frame and a pair of durable 18 inch motorcycle wheels to withstand rugged terrains and varying weather conditions. Village Ambulances that were placed in Zambia five years ago are still in operation today.


In comparison to vehicle ambulances and other ambulances available in the market, the Village Ambulance is affordable. Also, the communities receiving Village Ambulances can set their own prices depending on distance and mode of transport.


The Pulse Village Ambulance includes a 4 inch thick foam mattress, a hospital certified mattress cover (washable), and a weatherproof canopy to provide shade and protection from rain and prying eyes.


The Pulse Village Ambulance is light enough to be pulled and/or pushed by hand, pulled by a bicycle or motorcycle, and a patient can safely travel through difficult terrain that even a vehicle would not be able to pass through.


A long distance journey to a health centre being carried or pushed in a wheelbarrow becomes a quick, easy and comfortable ride in the Pulse Village Ambulance.