Program Sustainability

Pulse Village Transport has been operating in Uganda for several years.  We have built and tried a variety of ambulances for use in the village.  The three main products that we have sold are:  

  • The Pulse Village Ambulance Trailer
  • The Pulse Village Ambulance Sidecar.
  • The Pulse Village Ambulance Trident or three wheel tuktuk.   The tuktuk is popular with beverage distribution companies for the distribution of water and or beer.  Of these three models, the Pulse Village Ambulance Trailer has been the most practical as well as the most cost effective by a significant margin.

Please let us explain

From our extensive experience in Uganda, the three biggest problems we have encountered, are:  

  • The village does not have the money to pay for maintenance and fuel of the ambulance.
  • The village cannot afford a designated or specific rider or driver of the ambulance.
  • If the sidecar or the Trident break down, the village must wait for parts and repairs before returning to operation.

The “SECRET WEAPON” to solving the above problems is to utilize Africa’s existing network of excellent boda riders i.e. motorcycle taxis.  Boda riders work for a very competitive price.  Boda riders take responsibility for their own motorcycles.  They take pride in ownership and make sure that tires, petrol, oil and chains are all taken care of….by them!  Utilizing the existing infrastructure of boda riders and their motorcycles, the Villages, NGO’s, and the government are not tasked to buy and maintain motorcycles.  With the Pulse Village Ambulance trailer “SYSTEM”, ANY boda can work.  Utilizing the existing boda network just makes common sense and is by far the most cost effective. It is also important to note that if for any reason the boda fails, the ambulance can be attached to another boda in less than 5 minutes the, theoretically, this makes the Pulse Village Ambulance trailer more reliable than a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser. The Pulse Village Ambulance Trailer has proven over the years to be very comfortable and extremely safe….especially with proper training.

Pulse Has Training Programs

Pulse trains local boda riders to safely and effectively use the Village Ambulance Trailer.  After a one day training course, the boda rider, upon successful completion of the program, is awarded a highly prized and coveted OPERATOR CERTIFICATE.  This course not only assure safety, it launches the holder of the certificate into his own personal and viable independent business.   You don’t have to be around for long to realize that the economy needs JOBS-JOBS-JOBS.  Additionally, Pulse has programs to sensitize the community on savings plans to pay for these valuable boda services.  It is very important to make the people in the village understand that the government does not currently have the bandwidth to pay for this service and that the people themselves must take on this responsibility.  The exact amount for each family to save is determined locally for each savings group.

In most cases, each family contributes 300-500 UGX a week.  In some cases, additional agriculture or community projects can also work and or help.  PULSE PROVIDES THESE PROGRAMS.  Pulse wants to make healthcare work in the village.  Providing these programs to support and pay for these services is absolutely essential.  We want to partner with as many NGO’s, corporations, and government services as possible.

In conclusion, Pulse Programs make AMBULANCES SUSTAINABLE. These programs are very cost effective and just plain work.  It’s not just about the Ambulance.  It’s about executing and implementing PROGRAMS that make the ambulance work.  PLEASE INQUIRE ABOUT THESE PROGRAMS FROM PULSE and how you can help.

Pulse has many success stories you will find on our website as well as we have many NGO’s that have given us their recommendations.

Will or can you help?  With your help we can seriously reduce the 14 women a day that are dying…..and that’s just in Uganda alone.