Acham Loyce, 19-year old teen dropped-out of school because of pregnancy, when her time to give birth was due, she was told to deliver at home because the nearest Health Centre, Asuret HCIII was about 45km away. This is because women in her village, Apango village, Acopian Parish in Asuret sub-county in Soroti district. This village is about 45km away from the health facility.

At the onset of labour she attempted to push unsuccessfully for about 8 hours when the family decided. However, one of the village mates remembered one time attending a session in the sub-county where Oyata Michael, a member of the Village Health Team (VHT) trained by Amref Health Africa in which he was sensitizing the community on availability of alternative means of community referrals.

The community member quickly called-up the VHT who later directed him on how to access the ambulance immediately.

In a short time, the village ambulance arrived. Loyce who was in labour was then transported to Asuret Health Centre III. Sr.

Alupo Soleah, a long-serving midwife at Asuret HCIII said that Loyce had “breech presentation” and therefore could not have delivered normally without a skilled health worker.

She was assisted to deliver, and today Loyce is a mother of happy mother of a 2-month old baby girl.